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Diocesan Pilgrim Virgin Statue Visits

Joe and Loretta Sudy, made a concerted efforted during their May 1982 pilgrimage to Fatima, to find a “perfect” statue of Our Lady of Fatima to bring back to Cleveland, Ohio as our Diocesan Statue.

On the evening of May 12, 1982 they were processing our beautiful hand carved wood statue through the Cova da Iria; it became a very special evening for our division. During this procession, Pope St. John Paul II was visiting the Chapel of Apparition in the Cova where he witnessed our independent rosary procession. As he was leaving he requested his vehicle to stop, approaching the Sudy’s and asked to blessed beautiful division statue of Our Lady of Fatima. 

The next day, May 13, 1982 St. John Paul II concelebrated Mass in Fátima and made an act of consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Our division statue is special to us because it was blessed by a wonderful pope and saint.  

Why Schedule a Visit?

Unable to have the World-famous International Pilgrim Virgin Statue (IPVS) of Fatima that was sculpted in 1947 by famous sculptor José Thedim, at are parishes at all times, we bring our division Pilgrim Virgin Statue to the parishes in the Diocese of Cleveland. 

The purpose of our Diocesan Pilgrim Virgin Statue Parish Visit is to bring the graces of Fatima and Our Lady’s message of hope, peace and salvation to those who don’t have an opportunity to make a pilgrimage to Fatima itself. Our Parish Visit Ministry promotes Our Lady’s intercession through prayer and provides an inspiration to both the young and old, equally, to answer God’s call. 

A visit with Our Lady provides information on the Fatima message, living the message and quiet devotion time. She brings graces and many spiritual miracles to the parishes she visits. They are infinitely more valuable than the things we can see, touch, or measure.

We can help put together a program for your parishioners to venerate Our Lady.

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